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Well, I've been going through all my old tapes and records, and slowly digitizing all the stuff that's either a bootleg of a gig, an old demo or just no longer available. I was occasionally sharing it in other forums and blogs but, largely inspired by the most excellent New Improved Live And Otherwise blog thought I would start my own up as a central place to share by obscurities with the world.
The name of the blog is the name of the metal/punk/industrial night I used to run at the Egypt Cottage in Newcastle, resurrected here for old time's sake.
Feel free to repost anything you find or to ask for a re-up if the link has gone dead.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Since I Been Gone


sorry I haven't put anything up for a little while, I've been away on tour too much to do any conversions lately.

Stay tuned, hopefully have a few things up here over the next few days!

Peace, out

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

UFO - Knebworth Park 22/6/85 FM

So this will be the last of the sets I'll be upping from Purples Return Of The Knebworth Fayre festival as The Scorpions refused to let the BBC record their set (The most excellent World Wide Live album had just come out) and my tape of Purple's set is the truncated one that was later released officially.

This was the Misdemeanor era UFO, reformed after a two year break and a bit of a strange period for the band. This line-up released the Misdemeanor album and the Ain't Misbehavin mini. Neither of which is a bad record, but they were both a bit of a commercial failure. Nevertheless, ths is a good set comprised of a mix of the new stuff and the classics. Night Run is my favourite of the new ones and the version of Only You Can Rock Me is storming.

Once again, apologies for the messy edit between Night Run and Only You can Rock me, once again this was due to having to turn the cassette over whilst taping the show!

Vocals : Phil Mogg
Guitars : Tommy McLendon (AKA Atomic Tommy M)
Guitars/Keys : Paul Raymond
Bass : Paul Gray
Drums : Jim Simpson

1. Blinded By A Lie
2. Heaven's Gate
3. Reckless
4. Love To Love
5. Night Run
6. Only You Can Rock Me
7. Lights Out
8. Doctor Doctor


Monday, June 7, 2010

Blackfoot - Knebworth Park 22/6/85 FM

I think this is my favourite set from the Knebworth Fayre '85. Many people were saying that they were well past their best by now but this is a great performance, full of classics. Only downer with this one is that I recorded it on a C-60 (remember those?!) so side one ran out just before the end of Train Train. On the plus side though, there is an interview with Ricky Medlocke tagged on to the end of the set!

1. I Want To Talk To You
2. I'm On The Run
3. Everyman Should Know (Queenie)
4. Dry County
5. Wishing Well
6. Morning Dew
7. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
8. Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller
9. Train, Train
10. Highway Song
11. Ricky Medlocke Interview


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meat Loaf - Knebworth Park 22/6/85

Apparently Mr. Loaf walked from the stage in a bit of a huff after Bat Out Of Hell, not surprising really as he did the whole gig with his leg in plaster from a break and was having the regulatory bottles of anyone's guess thrown at him throughout the set.

Nevertheless it's a great set of classic Meat Loaf. I nicked the cover from someone elses version of this set that I found listed on a Meat Loaf fan-site.

1. Bad Attitude
2. Dead Ringer For Love
3. Midnight At The Lost And Found
4. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
5. All Revved Up With Nowhere To Go
6. Bat Out Of Hell


Mama's Boys - Knebworth Park 22/6/85

Band number 3 from the festival. A great set from the lads from Northern Ireland. RIP Tommy McManus.

1. Gentlemen Rogues
2. One Last Chance
3. Guitar Solo
4. Runaway Dreams
5. Mama Weer All Crazy Now
6. Straight Forward, No Lookin' Back


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mountain - Knebworth Park, 22/6/85

The 2nd band of the day, I think this was a special re-union gig for them, 2 years after the tragic death of founder member Felix Pappalardi.

The sound craps out for a second during the 2nd track, reception issues in the small village I grew up in.

Also, I'm by no means certain of a couple of the track titles, so feel free to let me know if I got 'em wrong!

1. Why Dontcha
2. Never In My Life
3. Theme From An Imaginary Western
4. Nantucket Sleighride
5. Guitar Jam
6. Mississippi Queen


Alaska (Featuring Bernie Marsden) - Knebworth Park 22/6/85

The opening band for Deep Purple's "Return To The Knebworth Fayre" festival in 1985. I'll be upping the whole lot over the next few days. This was a Friday Rock Show 'special', broadcast live from the festival on the day as I remember. One of my best mates went on the coach trip down and I was very jealous sitting at home listening to it.

Alaska was one of former Whitesnake guitarist, Bernie Marsden's many other projects, here featuring Don Airey on keys who, of course, now plays for Purple since Jon Lord's retirement.

1. A Woman Like You
2. Schoolgirls
3. I Really Want To Know
4. Help Yourself


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UFO - Reading Festival 23/8/80

A good quality audience recording, if only I'd been old enough to go! Just look at that festival line-up!
Unfortunately my tape runs out just before the end of the last song, but apart from that it's all good, the band at their best for this line-up.

1. Alpha Centauri
2. Lettin' Go
3. No Place To Run
4. Cherry
5. Only You Can Rock Me
6. Love To Love
7. Electric Phase
8. Hot 'N' Ready
9. Mystery Train
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. Doctor Doctor
12. Lights Out
13. Rock Bottom
14. Shoot Shoot


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ronnie James Dio R.I.P.

Well, I'm back, didja miss me? So, while I've been away on tour, a great talent of rock n roll passed away. We knew RJD was ill when he cancelled dates last year and announced he had cancer, but we all assumed he'd pull through. My thoughts are with Wendy and the rest of his family.

So, to commemorate the tiny giant of metal, here are two Friday Rock Show broadcasts of Dio gigs. Both from the Donington Monsters Of Rock Festivals. I was at the 1987 one, at the tender age of 16. It was a great day of metal!

DIO - Donington, Monsters Of Rock 20/8/83 FM Broadcast (The Friday Rock Show)

1 - Stand Up And Shout
2 - Straight Through The Heart
3 - Children Of The Sea
4 - Rainbow In The Dark
5 - Holy Diver
6 - Stargazer7 - Heaven And Hell
8 - Man On The Silver Mountain
9 - Starstruck


DIO - Donington Monsters Of Rock 22/8/87 FM Broadcast (Friday Rock Show)

1 - Dream Evil
2 - Neon Knights
3 - Naked In The Rain
4 - Rock N Roll Children/Long Live Rock N Roll
5 - The Last In Line
6 - Holy Diver
7 - Heaven And Hell
8 - Man On The Silver Mountain
9 - All The Fools Sailed Away/The Last In Line(Reprise)
10 - Rainbow In The Dark


RIP wee lad, you will be missed. \MM/

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slayer - Ruthie's Inn, Berkley CA, 26/5/84

This is an audience recording, the sound is a little poor (but still good!) for the 1st couple of tracks but then picks up by track 3 or 4.
An excellent showcase of their early material recorded at this legendary venue.

1. Intro
2. Evil Has No Boundaries
3. Haunting The Chapel
4. Face The Slayer
5. Final Command
6. Captor Of Sin
7. Necrophiliac
8. Anti-Christ
9. Black Magic
10. Aggressive Perfector
11. Chemical Warfare
12. Show No Mercy


Last Of The Teenage Idols - Satellite Head Gone Soft

Formed from the ashes of The Babysitters, this was their only release, beneath the decidedly ropey cover lurks a forgotten gem!
Apparently Buttz now runs an antique shop in Cornwall!


Various Artists - Trash On Delivery

It's all been a bit thrash metal lately at the Ministry so lets start today with a couple of lost gems from my sleaze collection.
1st up, the Trash On Delivery compilation from 1983 on Flicknife records, 12 tracks that defined the underground of the London scene in the early '80s.
For an excellent in depth review head to Sleazegrinder at


1. The Babysitters - Everybody Loves You
2. The Genocides - Private Hell
3. The London Cowboys - Let's Get Crazy
4. Marionette - My Baby Sucks Real Bad
5. Bad Detective - Favourite Record
6. The Barracudas - You Gonna Miss Me
7. Marionette - Too Far Gone
8. Dogs D'Amour - Teenage
9. Suffragette - Do You Want My Love
10. Garrie J. Lammin - I Heard The Devil
11. Nikki Sudden & The Bible Belt - Waiting For The Siege
12. The Babysitters - Livin' Out Rock 'N' Roll


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Atrophy - Chemical Dependency demo '87

Formed in Tuscon, Arizona in 1986, Atrophy managed 2 full length albums and a split before breaking up. This is their 1st recording from 1987 and is absolutely excellent. Unfortunately my copy cuts off halfway through the last track, if anyone wants to help me out with that I'd be grateful!

1. Chemical Dependency
2. Rest In Pieces
3. Preacher Preacher
4. Suicide Pact
5. Product Of The Past
6. Beer Song


Adrenalin O.D. - Cruising With Elvis In Bigfoot's U.F.O.

Third album from the New Jersey thrash/punk boys from 1988.
A huge influence on later pop punk such as the Fat Wreck bands.


Arbitrator - The Conquest demo '88

OK, this is where I'm asking for some help.
All I have here is a tape with "Arbitrator - The Conquest demo '88" written on it, I've had a good look round the internet and haven't found a single reference to it, which is pretty shocking as it's wicked good thrash metal with an Iron Maiden influence.

The tracks are:
01 Conquest
02 Mystical Dreamworld
03 Crash Of Thunder

any info gratefully recieved!


Process Revealed - demo #1 - Of Trine '88

Some pretty obscure Texan thrash metal for you here.
Process Revealed never actually cut a record but they did get it together to make 5 excellent demos between 1988 and 89. This is the first of them, I've seen it referred to as demo#1, Process Revealed and Of Trine, you decide!

01 Pursuit Of The Mind's Eye
02 Stream Of Concience
03 Thankyou-It's Forgotten


Acid Reign - Moshkinstein demo '87

The 1st recording from Harrogate's finest. Sole purveyors of U.K.A.C (U.K. Apple Core).
For some reason, my copy is missing the final track 'The Burial' if anyone wants to up it to make the demo complete, feel free!

01 Intro / Goddess
02 Suspended Sentence
03 Bully Boy / Lucifer's Hammer
04 Motherly Love
05 Two Minded Takeover
06 Race For Your Soul


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Annihilator - Phantasmagoria Demo '86

Now this truly is a classic. Stalwarts of the thrash scene Annihilator's 2nd demo.

The vocal style is much gruffer than it was once they signed and recorded the 1st album but this demo truly shows how great they were even in the very early days.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Nuclear Assault - London, Hammersmith Odeon 20/6/87

Another one culled from my collection of Friday Rock Show tapes.
Classic Nuclear Assault, one of my favourite thrash bands ever.
Introduced, as ever, by Tommy Vance
1. Betrayal
2. Stranded In Hell
3. Nuclear War
4. Justice
5. My America
6. Radiation Sickness


Ice Age - General Alert demo '87

Classic demo from Sweden's all girl thrash band.
This was their 2nd of 4 demos, despite being immensely popular they split before managing to release an album. Big shame.